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Features / Services


As an accounts consulting company, Partners Consulting is developing a wide range of services, such as IPO consulting, M&A consulting, internal control solutions, turnaround and restructuring solutions and consolidated tax payment system consulting. The company's motto is to provide information for clients promptly with leading accounting technology.

While utilizing the experience of Partners Consulting, Partners Professional Service is developing itself as a company that specializes in staffing solutions for the financial and accounting sectors.

Consultations with Candidates Based on an Accounting Skills Check Sheet Containing More than 300 questions.

A recruitment agency cannot obtain a clear picture of the experiences and real skills of candidates through a consultation based on resume details alone.

Partners Professional Service provides its job seekers with an accounting skills check sheet containing more than 300 questions which relate to their accounting skills and work experience. Based on these check sheets, our professional consultants are able to check and gain an accurate understanding of the candidates skills.

Expert Accounting Consultation with Candidates

We believe that consultants are extremely important in order to understand accurately the skills and experiences of candidates.

According to Partners Professional Service policy, only experts in accounting may consult with candidates, listening to their experiences and offering precise advices concerning career plans that are based on the skills check sheets.

We are able to gain an detailed understanding of candidates skills and career visions and can therefore reduce the risk of a mismatch with the needs of the client.