A 'One-Stop' Accounting Service

A 'One-Stop' Accounting Service

A 'One-Stop' Accounting Service

Accounting and financial services are vital for companies. Of course, staffing plays an essential role within these sectors however it is also important that companies have a “partner” that can give business advice on strategies, directions, plans and financial matters, as well as providing comparisons with other companies and case studies.

Partners Holdings, the parent company of Partners Professional Service, is composed of 3 subsidiary companies: "Accounting Consulting" "Accounting System Development" and "Human Resource Services ".

Partners Consulting, an affiliate of the Partner's Group, which works with a number of named certified public accountants, delivers a broad range of services, such as IPO consulting,@M&A consulting, internal control, turnaround and restructuring solutions, valuation of firms or business as well as consultation on other matters. In order to respond to the needs of clients, Partners Consulting can provide a prompt service with proven professional experts, utilizing its know-how based on its business experiences with a wide variety of clients (foreign corporate bodies, small and medium-sized enterprises, companies preparing for listing, and listed companies in emerging markets and in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).

Partners Consulting is developing the following services particularly for foreign owned companies:

  • Service for registration of establishment (including the branch office of foreign owned companies)
  • Book keeping services
  • A service for monthly (quarterly) reports that are required by the headquarters of a company
  • Payroll services (including the payroll for foreign expatriate employees in Japan)
  • Social insurance procedure services
  • Assistance for year end adjustment for withholding income tax
  • A financial statement preparation service which conforms to the Japanese standards, IAS, and US GAAP

The above services includes the services of our company and its partners.

In addition, Partners General Tax Corporation, an affiliated company, provides the following wide range of tax consulting services, which have received high appraisal from foreign companies:

  • Consultation for a variety of Japanese taxes (corporate tax, consumption tax, withholding tax, income tax etc.)
  • Preparation of corporate income tax returns, local income tax returns, consumption tax returns (including foreign owned companies)
  • Preparation of depreciable property tax returns

In addition to inquiries regarding recruitment services, we are able to consult on the services mentioned above as needed. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

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